Disposable medical caps

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Usually made of nonwoven fabric and plastic film composite or sewn. Provided aseptically, for single use.

Hygiene care products for hospital beds or examination beds

Core description

Disposable medical use has the function of preventing dust dandruff from overflowing from the head, preventing external dust from entering the hair layer, and so on.

The product is suitable for medical, food hygiene, electronics, clean room, textile and other industries.

Disposable medical caps

Disposable medical caps

Disposable medical caps2

Disposable medical cap on top

Disposable medical caps3

One-time use of medical caps 10 packages

Product advantages

Disposable medical caps have the following characteristics:

1. made of non-woven non-toxic polypropylene fabric and double-reinforced elastic belt super-sound thermosynthetic technology, the product is soft, strong and beautiful;

2. disposable use, clean and sanitary, simple and convenient, effectively avoid bacterial infection;

3. breathable, dustproof, can better block dust and microorganism;

4. wash-free, maintenance-free, convenient and practical;

5. Do not wear tight time, no allergic reaction

Product application

Disposable medical caps are mainly used in medical, food hygiene, electronics, dust-free clean rooms, textiles and other industries to prevent dust and dandruff from overflowing from the head and prevent external dust from entering the hair layer. The main methods of use are:

1. Take out the hat and open the opening tightly with both hands;

2. Pull open the loose cap on the head to the lower ear;

3. Loosen your hands, roll the exposed hair into the cap and adjust it.

Product parameters

Name of product disposable medical cap
Model Strip Cap
Size Large/medium/small
Name Lake Spoon
Material Polypropylene nonwovens, elastic straps
Regular Color Blue
Packing Specifications PE bags ,10 bags per bag
Function Dustproof, dandruff overflow from head, etc
Origin Jiangsu, China
Manufacturer Huaian Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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