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The gauze bandage has the functions of absorbing liquid, fixing and wrapping, etc. It is provided in a non-sterile form and is disposable.

This product is suitable for wound dressings or limbs to provide binding force, etc., to play a role in bandaging and fixing.

This product is suitable for use in medical institutions, homes and other places.

The gauze bandage is composed of absorbent cotton gauze, which is made of medical absorbent gauze that meets the requirements of YY0331-2006 to provide binding force to the wound dressing or limbs.

Gauze bandage
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Product advantages

The gauze bandage is made of medical degreased gauze that meets YY0331-2006 regulations and has the following characteristics:

1. White and breathable, suitable for bandaging and fixed use;

2. It has water absorption and can absorb liquid easily.

Product application

Gauze bandages are mainly used in medical institutions, homes and other places to play the role of bandaging, fixing, etc. The main methods of use are:

Take out the gauze bandage and tear off the wrapping paper on the surface of the gauze bandage;

Pull out the gauze bandage head, attach the gauze bandage head to the fixed part to be bandaged, then wrap the fixed part, and fix the gauze bandage.

Product parameters

Product name Gauze Bandage
Model specifications 80mm×6000m; 100mm×6000mm
Product Name Shaohu
Material Medical skimmed gauze
Compliant with standard number YY 0331
Record number Suhuai Machinery Equipment 20150004
Packing specification PE bag, 10 rolls per bag
Function Prevent non-oily particles such as dust, smoke, fog and microorganisms
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Manufacturer Huaian Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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