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Medical nursing pads have anti-leakage and other functions; they are provided in a sterile form for one-time use.

The product is suitable for medical structures and home places for health care

Product advantages

The medical nursing pad has the following characteristics:

1. Made of non-toxic polypropylene composite non-woven fabric;

2. Ethylene oxide sterilization, clean and hygienic.

Product application

Medical nursing pads are mainly used in medical structures and homes. The main methods of use are:

1. Take out the medical nursing pad;

2. Unfold the nursing pad, lay it under the user's body, stretch it flat, and adjust it to a suitable position.

Product parameters

Product Name Medical Nursing Pad
Model With toilet paper
Common specifications 50cm*50cm
Product Name Shaohu
Material polypropylene non-woven fabric
Su Xie Zhuzhun 20172640679 Su Xie Zhuzhun 20172640679
Regular color blue
Residual amount of ethylene oxide ≤10μg/g
Packing Specifications PE bags ,10 bags per bag
Function anti-leakage, etc.
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Manufacturer Huaian Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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