High Quality Factory Direct White Medical PPE Isolation Gown Coverall Protective Clothing

disposable protective coveral

Non-Woven Fabric, Waterproof ,Good Breathability The structure of nonwoven fabric is the fiber network which there is a strong air permeability like silk permeability.Elastic cuff Comfortable Any Size Fit, Close fit, Prevent dust from entering.
Waist Tighteness Design Elastic Waist. To make the dress fit, Meet the needs of different bodies
Good sealing, high seam strength, micro-porous, waterproof and breathable
Korea Security Agency Type 5 certification 
CE Type 5B Type 6B certification 
Anti-static treatment 
Radioactive dust protection 
Various pathogens caused by viruses, bacteria and blood also provide protection (EN 14126:2003+AC:2004)
Characteristics: reusable placket
Application areas: Pesticide spraying, oil pollution treatment Avian influenza, new influenza response and epidemic prevention work Waste disposal, police scientific investigation and veterinarian.




Post time: Jan-16-2023