Friends in need: China Waterproof Isolation Gown


Surgical gowns provide a barrier protection to prevent blood strikethrough and fluid contamination. Most surgical gowns are sterile and come in a wide variety of sizes and versions. Reinforced surgical gowns have reinforced protection in specific critical areas for more invasive and intense surgical procedures. Most surgical gowns are made from a fabric called SMS. SMS is a lightweight and comfortable non-woven fabric that provides a protective barrier. Surgical gowns are usually rated by their AAMI level. AAMI is the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMI was formed in 1967 and they are a primary source of many medical standards. AAMI has four protection levels for surgical gowns, surgical masks, and other protective medical equipment. Level 1: is used for Minimal Risk of exposure situations, such as providing basic care and cover gowns for visitors. Level 2: is used for Low Risk of exposure situations, such as during common blood drawing procedures and suturing. Level 3: is used for Moderate Risk of exposure situations, such as surgical procedures and inserting an Intravenous (IV) line. Level 4: is used for High Risk

Post time: Jul-19-2022