Medical Face Mask Disposable

medcial face masks --9

The disposable mask is made of environment-friendly all plastic nose bar and nose clip, which can be adjusted most comfortably
according to different face types. The inner covering ultrasonic spot welding is selected, and the ear belt can be very firm and not easy to fall
the design of the mask more ergonomic
Disposable masks cover a wide range of places and regions, such as schools, food processing, electronic manufacturing enterprises,
etc. These are densely populated places, and the virus is easy to infect, so when you wear a disposable mask, you can protect
yourself and others, which greatly reduces the spread of virus and disease.
Very good air permeability; Capable of filtering toxic gases; Able to keep warm; Waterproof; Flexible; Notmessy; Feel very good and quite soft; Compared with other masks, the texture is lighter; It is very elastic and can be restored
after stretching; The price is relatively low

Post time: Mar-12-2022