Still using cotton swabs to treat wounds? Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical “Revealed the Standard for Sterile Medical Cotton Swabs for You”

As an essential household item, cotton swabs are very convenient to use, whether it is an art tool for adjusting details during makeup, or an auxiliary tool for disinfecting and wiping ointments during wound treatment. Especially when facing wounds or eczema skin problems, in order to avoid secondary infections, cotton swabs are usually used to wipe medicine. In fact, not all cotton swabs are suitable for treating wounds. If the cotton swabs are not selected properly, not only secondary infections cannot be avoided, but also May cause wounds to worsen

Domestic suppliers of professional medical equipment and disinfection products said that not all cotton swabs can be used for medical purposes. Medical cotton swabs must be marked as “sterile” and “sterilized” before they can be used for wound disinfection. Although the cotton swab is small, its material and processing technology are also good or bad. It is precisely because of this scientific understanding that Huai’an ZTE Medical cotton swabs can become the leading brand of sterile cotton swabs.

Professional sterilization treatment: sterility guarantees more safety Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical’s workshops and factories are all constructed in accordance with the national medical device GMP standards to ensure that every manufactured product meets medical standards. Huai’an ZTE medical cotton swabs are no exception. Huai’an ZTE medical cotton swabs are treated with ethylene oxide sterilization technology widely used in medical devices to ensure that they are kept aseptic before use. They are implemented in strict accordance with the technical requirements established by the registration of medical cotton swabs. To avoid secondary wound infection.

Many cotton swabs currently on the market are not marked as “sterile”, so this type of cotton swabs are not suitable for wound treatment, and household use should be carefully selected.

Medical standard absorbent cotton: soft, comfortable and more hydrophilic

Considering that cotton swabs may be used to treat wounds in family life, Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical’s sterile disinfection cotton swabs strictly required themselves in accordance with medical standards from the beginning, not only using ethylene oxide sterilization technology in the production process, but also in the selection of materials. Choose medical absorbent cotton as the main material to increase the comfort of use. Medical absorbent cotton is also called “medicated cotton”. After a degreasing process, the surface is fat-free and has better hydrophilicity. It is more convenient when wiping liquid medicine or disinfecting wounds. In addition, medical absorbent cotton cotton is soft and slender, not only whiter in color, but also softer. The elastic cotton head can better care for delicate skin.

Cotton swabs are widely used, and many people tend to overlook their safety. Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical reminds everyone: If household cotton swabs are used for wound treatment, you must choose sterile cotton swabs, and you need to pay attention to sealing them in daily storage to avoid contamination of the cotton swabs.

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Post time: Jan-19-2021