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The fight against the new crown virus pneumonia, the general manager Li Jiaxiang led all the staff of Huai’an Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to actively respond to the call of the municipal party committee and government. As the only medical mask manufacturer in our city, the company was designated by the municipal epidemic prevention headquarters as a disposable medical mask insurance The supply unit resumed production on January 26 (the second day of the first month). The first is to actively connect with relevant departments, request green channels for permits and inspections, invite supervisory departments to turn post-inspections into pre-instructions, provide guidance and inspections to the company in standardizing production and ensuring product quality, and do a good job in employees’ Protective and safe production work to ensure that the company is running at full capacity, dispatching about 30,000 masks every day to the city headquarters for unified scheduling and distribution. The second is to communicate and coordinate with multiple parties and strive to increase the production capacity of the enterprise. Many times went to Jinhu, Sihong, Ningbo, Suzhou and other places to coordinate the purchase of mask production equipment and non-woven raw materials. In a short period of time, 5 spot welding machines and 30 tons of high-quality non-woven fabrics were purchased in place, prompting the company to double its production capacity. Third, Mr. Li personally got off work and encouraged his wife to also operate the welding machine in the workshop. The couple led all employees to work for more than 10 hours a day, effectively organizing the production line of masks and medical caps to run at full capacity, and reducing the daily output of masks to The initial 20,000 pieces were raised to nearly 100,000 pieces. During the epidemic, the company guaranteed more than 5 million masks and more than 100,000 medical caps to the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and designated distribution units to provide for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Huai’an. Made a great contribution to the epidemic prevention materials of high quality and favorable price. The company’s outstanding performance during the anti-epidemic period was highly affirmed by the relevant leaders and departments of the municipal party committee and government. During the period of participating in the National Two Sessions, Cai Lixin, the secretary of the municipal party committee, also introduced the company’s advanced deeds during an interview with the media. CCTV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Huai’an TV, Xinhua Daily, Huai’an Daily, Huaihai Evening News, People’s Daily,, Huai’, Huai’an and many other domestic media have reported to General Manager Li Jiaxiang and the company’s shift guarantee during the fight against the epidemic Advanced deeds of mask production and low-cost supply to relevant units and citizens. At present, the company has been designated by the municipal government as a municipal emergency reserve unit for epidemic prevention materials, and won the title of “Huai’an Science and Technology Star Enterprise” in the 2020 “Xin Zhili Cup” Innovative Enterprise Selection Activity. In the 2020 Huai’an District Credit Demonstration Enterprise Application Activity, Was awarded the title of the first “Huaian District Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”.

Post time: Jan-21-2021