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  • The most beautiful During

    The fight against the new crown virus pneumonia, the general manager Li Jiaxiang led all the staff of Huai’an Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to actively respond to the call of the municipal party committee and government. As the only medical mask manufacturer in our city, the...
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  • Still using cotton swabs to treat wounds? Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical “Revealed the Standard for Sterile Medical Cotton Swabs for You”

    As an essential household item, cotton swabs are very convenient to use, whether it is an art tool for adjusting details during makeup, or an auxiliary tool for disinfecting and wiping ointments during wound treatment. Especially when facing wounds or eczema skin problems, in order to avoid secon...
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  • Masks, understand it through standards

    At present, a nationwide fight against pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has begun. As the “first line of defense” for personal hygiene protection, it is very important to wear masks that meet epidemic prevention standards. From N95 and KN95 to medical surgical masks, ordinary...
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