Non-fat cotton

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Absorbent cotton balls have water absorption and other functions; they are provided in a non-sterile form for one-time use.

This product is suitable for medical and health units and home care, when cleaning and disinfecting skin and wounds, it is used to apply medicine.

Non-fat cotton

Absorbent cotton ball

Non-fat cotton2

50g package of absorbent cotton balls

Product advantages

Absorbent cotton balls have the following characteristics:

1. The absorbent cotton ball is made of medical absorbent cotton conforming to YY/T 0330 standard, which has strong water absorption.

2. The cotton is soft and has no peculiar smell and no stimulation

3. The product is sterile

Product application

Absorbent cotton balls are mainly used to protect people in environments where the air is polluted by non-oily particles such as dust, smoke, fog and microorganisms. The main methods of use are:

Medical cotton balls are mainly used in medical and health units and home care to apply syrup when cleaning and disinfecting skin and wounds.

The main methods of use are:

Open the package and take out the cotton ball;

Dip the cotton ball in the disinfectant or cleaning agent dipped in the anti-venom or cleaning agent;

Wipe a cotton ball dipped in devenom or detergent on the area that needs to be disinfected or cleaned.

Product parameters

Product name Absorbent cotton ball
Common model 0.5g/grain*50g
Product Name Shaohu
Material medical absorbent cotton
Product registration certificate number Su Xie Zhuzhun 20172640681
Residual amount of ethylene oxide 10μg/g
Common packaging specifications PE bag packaging, 50g/bag
Function absorb liquid medicine, support smearing
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Manufacturer Huaian Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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